Causes of Conflicts in Modern Day Democracies

Since its inception, democracy has always been difficult to administer and some people have capitalized on the loopholes it has to bring about conflict. However, this doesn’t mean that democracy is a source of conflicts since it has its own pros. Conflicts can be brought by numerous needs connected one another and issues addressed for some long period of time. In Syria the situations have increased conflicts in between tribes, wars with government and the population at large.

When it comes down to conflicts in democracies, there are a couple of things that contribute majorly. These include economic, political, and military factors. Politics causes conflict when people think that the government is denying them their human rights through unequal distribution of resources. It also occurs when people accuse the government of embezzling funds and using natural resources for individual benefit.

Most of the time, conflicts that have just been sparked by two ethnic groups often escalate to a national level. This perpetual spread is brought about by ethnic affiliations, tribal affiliations, and those who feel they are also suffering the same fate as the oppressed tribe. This often happens in places where there are two or more major tribes, and each feel that they deserve more than the other. Any indication that one tribe may be getting more than the other will often lead to conflicts.

Economically, the people may feel that the government distributes natural resources unequally. This leads to the formation of groups that rebel against the government – a situation which grows in to conflicts in many cases. In Syria, for example, oil reserves have been abandoned as a result of the conflicts over them. As a result, mining companies cannot operate in the region and the economy has suffered as a result. The government, on the other hand, will shy away since its involvement will just lead to further conflicts and division.

Divisions within the military have led to the creation of a national army that doesn’t function effectively. It has turned into an instrument for committing crimes against civilians and even preventing people from having an opinion. A divided army is always subject to crimes including theft, extortion, and human rights violations which aren’t addressed in war torn countries.

Among the political class in democracies, greed has brought about major conflicts. Taxpayers are often hurt when the government embezzles funds meant for development projects and this leads to conflicts. Pro-government groups will emerge to fight those accusing the government of corruption and what started as protests might become a major conflict.

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