Crab Dynasty: Tips and Tricks When Eating a Crab

Crabs and crab meat may come in picked or whole meat. Whole crabs are sold both cooked and alive, whereas crab meat ate raw and frozen. It is best to buy live crabs at Crab Dynasty whenever possible. Depending on the type of crab, you need to determine how many crabs you’ll need to cook and prepare, and ideally you need to count two soft-shell crabs or six steamed hard shell crabs per person. No matter how cheap they are, never purchase whole, dead, and uncooked crabs.

It can be messy, challenging, yet exciting picking and eating crabs, and you need a large workspace, a bowl for cooked crabs, a bowl for pure meat, and another container for the shells. There are many methods of picking crabs and you can start by removing all the crab’s claws and legs first. You can open the body by wedging your thumbs on the crab’s opposite sides, pulling the top of the crab away from the bottom. Grab the front part of the crab and pinch away from the rest of the body and clean it. When it comes to identifying the lungs of the crab, they appear as whitish or yellowish feathery cones lining the side of the crab’s body. The crab’s lungs are not eaten, so remove them and throw them away because they have a terrible taste and cannot be digested. In the center of the body, you can scrape out the gooey matter which includes the greenish liver, and the bright orange matter of a female crab which include the eggs or roe (coral).

The coral is very delicious which is usually added to cooking crab soups and crab cakes. The good meat can be found on the snow crab’s legs and king crab’s legs, as well as Dungeness and blue crabs. The good meat are also located in the cartilage-lined sides of the body, so just grab each side and break the body in a half to see it. Getting and fishing out all the yummy and tasty meat can be challenging and daunting at first, but as you learn, you will be able do it faster the next time. For smaller grabs, their bodies are tasty and you’ll find little meat, but you can add them into sauces and stocks to get the sweet crab flavor.

If you want to purchase Alaskan king crab legs, only Crab Dynasty can supply you what you need because they are considered as one of the leaders in the seafood supply industry. Alaskan king crab legs are found in the cold waters of Alaska, which are fully loaded with succulent, rich, and sweet meat. Learn more about crabs, best ways to cook, and how to clean and eat them by checking Crab Dynasty’s homepage or website now.

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